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 16th Sep 2019 |  Audio Visual Film |  Tom Wall


Booka Shade Movements 10 Tour Visuals

Booka Shade Movements 10 Tour Visuals

blinkinLAB created and directed the entire visual content for the hour long Movements 10 show from Booka Shade. In 2006 Booka Shade released an album . . . called Movements featuring some of their most loved tracks. In 2016 as part of the 10 year anniversary for the album they re-visited the songs for a new live tour. blinkinLAB created visuals for all 10 tracks in the show. Some of the visuals referenced the original album artwork's photographic collage style, while others served to work in parallel with the lighting rig designed by Dave Cohen from Mirrad, complementing not only colour, but form and movements as well.
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Blindsider - True Fictions

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