blinkinLAB's creative director Tom Wall has been working in close collaboration with audiovisual artist Stuart Warren-Hill, (otherwise known as one half of Hexstatic) on Stuart's new Holotronica project. Tom met Stuart at a onedotzero event a few years ago where Stuart was showing the early Holotronica experiments in 3D / holographic audiovisual films.

Like many people, Tom was very inspired by Stuart's early work 'Timber' so was super excited to team up with him and collaborate on this project.

Now Holotronica has been screened as part of the onedotzero festival at the BFI on 24th November.

The show featured a mix of realtime graphics and fully rendered 3D animations based on Stuart's concepts and brought to life with Tom's 3D design and animation skills.

More info on the event here: www.holotronica.com www.onedotzero.com

For the last couple of years blinkinLAB have been collaborating with award winning audio-visual pioneer (and great inspiration) Stuart Warren-Hill from Hexstatic on his new 3D project 'Holotronica'.

blinkinLAB have been providing their 3D animation skills to the project, bringing to life Stuarts analog synth music.

We created several new visuals for this show at Village Underground in Shoreditch.